The woman

The woman in this image has been my profile picture since I began this feed back in 2014 (10 years!?😳). It’s a beautiful picture that perfectly sums-up what’s important to me in pottery.

The woman and the pot are one. The slender lines of her silhouette are feminine and muscular, and the relaxation in her arms clearly indicates the strength and balance she has in store beneath her smooth skin. She is a perfect ying/yang balance of true elegance. Her water jar is the same. The curves are exaggerations of her own and have the same natural, organic strength in their composition. The jar has markings on the body just as she does, and it is strong, practical and beautiful, with poise and purpose, just like her. The neck flares wide like a deep breath that travels through the neck (which is waisted perfectly to grip her hand around) to the belly. The belly is soft and big and shaped as skin and muscle would naturally hold a heavy load (see pregnant bellies ✨). I also love her hands and the look in her eyes ♥️ Not a day wasted to inaction. She will always be an inspiration to me, whoever we she was, and this glimpse of her spirit is undeniable part of what’s brought me here.

Image from “Smashing Pots” by Nigel Barley. Caption: Woman of the Chip people with a water-pot. Plateau State, Nigeria. Photo: E.Denfield
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