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Isatu Hyde

Pour-over filter coffee set

Pour-over filter coffee set

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A single serve 8oz/250ml pour-over coffee set including cup, coffee cone and ‘skirt’, and saucer. The cone was developed via a commission from Hundred House Coffee and has been rigorously tested and tweaked to work as well as commercially-made alternatives. There are three small holes at the base and a subtly convex rise on the interior of the base to avoid suction and send coffee towards the holes. The cones fit Kalita 185 Wave papers (available online) which allow for plenty of airflow during a pour so the right rate of flow can be achieved. The saucer is intended as a surface to place the cone and skirt on once the pour is over but can serve as a saucer or side plate for the mug.

This set is handmade on the potter’s wheel in stoneware clay and fired to 1280 degrees in a reduction kiln. It has a blue celadon glaze with brush strokes of iron oxide underneath. It has a varied crackle throughout.

Dishwasher safe, microwaveable. 

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